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January and February are both exciting and hard times of the year for most retailers. It’s when all the new season’s clothing and accessories come in that we pre-ordered last summer from designers near and far. It’s also tradeshow season when we go hunting to refill our shop with all the optimism of the holidays to hunt for new gift and toy items you’ll love. We commit our fall-winter dollars for the next season’s clothing landing this summer.

On the other hand, it’s also a time when sales are low. Lots of families are recovering from the busyness and expenses of December holidays, doing taxes and fretting about finances.

For some reason 2019 has been just a little bit worse so far. Having just returned from four tradeshows, I’m hearing the same thing from a lot of retailers I’m talking to. In 2019 we’ve had the added stress of the uncertainty of a Trump presidency, economy, and a LOT of rain. I get it, who wants to take their kids out in the neighborhood during an "Atmospheric River?” Most of all we have the ever-growing takeover of internet retail.

But we the merchants of Temescal are all still here, open and filled to the gills of beautiful and fun new merchandise! We are ready to host your kiddos playing at our toy table as an indoor play option at the big red couch. Please don't let a little rain make you think your only option is to get what you need from Amazon. One of the reasons we all stay in Oakland despite the challenges is the diversity of the businesses in our neighborhoods, but we can't pay the rent by just making your streets look charming.

Thanks for your support these twelve years. We wouldn’t be here without you.

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